Six 7” vinyl records

(a $80 value)

Your child starts their own journey into vinyl culture with monthly selections by Vinyl Index. These meticulously hand-picked tracks on 7” vinyl will carry across different genres providing new & old, known & unheard, and everything else in between. All the kids will receive the same record each month so that they can sing and dance together at our Kids 45 Club dance parties!

7” Vinyl carrying case

(a $20 value)

An essential part of the club is learning about new music and the process of discovering it. Each month we’ll have a “pick up your record” day for members to get the club record of the month, and flip through a dedicated bin of 45’s. Members will receive a lightweight 7” carrying case to bring in each month and collect all their records in. Watch your child pick out records, take a turn putting them on our store turntable and react to other songs being played by other club members. Parents can also join in the fun!

Spinbox DIY turntable

(a $130 value)

Whether you already have a turntable or not, our Kids 45 Club includes x1 lightweight, portable Spinbox turntable that your child can experiment with to find their own passion for vinyl. With a built-in amplifier and speakers, this all-in-one design saves you the trouble of having to buy additional specialized equipment. Besides the high quality design and parts we chose Spinbox for the additional DIY experience. Each child will be able to decorate the sturdy, water-resistant, blank-canvas exterior before assembling the turntable themselves! In just 5 steps, you and your child will manifest an outstanding sense of accomplishment!

Limited Edition

Kids 45 Club t-shirt

(a $20 value)

“To congratulate us on the opening of Vinyl Index, my thoughtful niece sent me a card with an amazing hand drawn version of our logo. I immediately decided this had to make it on a tee for other kids to wear!”

-Jeremy Sullivan, co-founder